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Industry specific custom solutions for industry specific needs

Kalpita serves a wide range of industry verticals providing industry specific solutions using the latest bleeding edge technologies. Our expertise in digital transformation, agile methodologies, design-content led approach allows us to equip your business intent with a competitive edge.



We aspire to serve as digital innovation partners in the insurance industry, providing unique user experience, exponentiating digital channel capabilities with personalized products and omnichannel distribution.

We assist insurance companies with cost efficient software solutions that address essential consumer touchpoints(interactions), making it effortless for end users to make an informed decision.

  • We help develop insurance carriers for customer portals, claim management, and content distribution management.
  • We develop scalable software for efficient insurance exchanges, quotes management systems, and commissions management.

We are a strategic insurance technology partner specializing in digital innovation, providing unique user experience to build up & materialize your ideas:

  • Custom insurance solution development
  • Insurance Tech consulting
  • Insurance Software Maintenance
  • Custom consumer portals
  • Policies and claim management
  • Agent’s management solutions
  • Quotes management systems
  • Commission management systems
  • Fraud prevention
  • Investment management
  • Analysis and research

Banking and Fintech

We provide innovative, secure, reliable, and customized software solutions to financial institutions, banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms.

These organizations operate on an elevated level of business dynamics and need efficient software systems to make reliable transactions.

We implement the latest banking technologies and enable the use of open-banking services through digital transformation.

Reinventing ways to enhance customer experience and predict customer needs.

Our Expertise can help

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Meet regulatory and compliance standards
  • Implement open-banking and platform-based business models.
  • Created secure systems and automated business processes for banks.
  • Equipped with secure platforms to run their business efficiently.

We employ

  • Business as a Platform (BaaP)
  • AI & Chatbots
  • Digital Wallet
  • Robotic Process Automation

Recent work:

Built processes that enable our client to make end users generate mandates for their counterparties and create subsidiaries.



With the eCommerce market increasing at a rate of 23% annually we offer a streamlined approach to eCommerce software development with customized eCommerce and product management systems for your business.

We assist customers to combine their B2C and B2B web stores with the right platform and third-party API, delivering open-source, SaaS (Software as a Service), and headless commerce.

Our expertise in the ecommerce niche involves

  • User friendly designs
  • Establish brand identity
  • Flawless payment options
  • Secure


The education industry has seen a radical shift in the past few years.

With e-learning solutions on the rise, we have established a digital environment that is collaborative for learners, educators, and administrators.

We have developed e learning platforms that enable educational institutions to reach students with specifically tailored information to meet the rising regulatory requirements on an optimized budget and scale.

With the aim of connecting young job seekers to potential employers, we built

  • Platform which enables job providers to publish new jobs
  • Allows job aspirants to have opportunities to work in summer to continue education and social growth. 
  • Job seekers can apply for jobs of their choice, track the status of the application, communicate with the job provider.
  • Job seekers can look at the historical information of jobs applied across years.

Pharma and Healthcare

We build reliable custom healthcare solutions for hospitals, labs, clinics etc.

Our software products for the health care industry are designed to transform traditional healthcare setup by digitization with advanced AI.

Kalpita Technologies has been a customer-oriented platform and compassionate towards the health of its partners.

We have designed and implemented complex hospital management systems that can control several aspects of hospital workflow.

Our expertise in developing healthcare software solutions

Designed clinical research applications to help healthcare institutes with planning, managing, conducting, and analyzing clinical trials.

Deployed several case studies to assess our clinical decisions capabilities and skills.

With our innovative approach, we have embedded video conferencing features to enhance and improve patient engagement.

We have optimized the installation, data access and security to improve cost of operations.

Developed an end to end digital solution to detect, tackle and eliminate health insurance frauds.


We provide customized retail software development services designed to transform retail for the next generation.

Point of Sale

We have expertise in designing POS apps that accept payment, manage inventory, and manage sales.

Omni-Channel Commerce

We have created seamless and consistent experience across channels while factoring in different devices, internet connections, and user experience signals.

Customer Engagement

Our applications for retail are designed to spark engagement and creates a positive brand interaction with the end users.