Revolutionizing the business process, culture, and
customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements.

Kalpita is a digital transformation company offering technologies that fuel innovation, transforming the digital space into a more efficient and productive workforce.

Digital business transformation has seen a rise in support in their workforce, customers, and organizations. The digital environment now offers an unprecedented opportunity to embrace intelligent, digitally enabled operating models and strategies.

At Kalpita technologies, we have dedicated development teams with the expertise, platforms, and skills to deliver superior IT transformation services tailored to stay ahead of evolving market demands.

Cloud computing


Our experts develop cloud-native and industry relevant business platforms to boost productivity, innovation and effectiveness of the workforce and our partners. Cloud computing services enable customers to enhance their productivity rapidly, reducing their service usage in turn. We leverage virtualization, automation, and other cloud management technologies in the background to facilitate service agility.

Leverage our services to seamlessly run, control, connect and secure your applications across Azure and AWS cloud platforms.

Cloud adoption accelerated by driving momentum

Transiting to cloud to transform the way internal teams cater to businesses

Using our team’s expertise in AWS, Azure and Google cloud platform

Leveraging cloud projects for better productivity across lineages

AI and AR

Data finds a new dimension with AI. Baking and insurance sectors deal with customers and a huge amount of data everyday, processing which can be a daunting task. At Kalpita, we employ tailor made AI and AR based solutions to help these businesses make their customer facing stronger with informative and interactive platforms. AR has the power to superimpose graphically generated images and data. Doing so with the real world images helps showcase their information even better. Kalpita houses a team of AI/ AR experts that can create exclusive edutainment and media platforms proficient in attracting, enlightening, and retaining individuals and groups using an amalgamation of digital and real-world images.

Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality services include integrating AR/VR with various kinds of business platforms; enabling location-based installations/notifications; incorporating advanced visual effects; and more.

For business challenges that come in all shapes and sizes, capabilities have to be strong too. Our AI technology is designed around a range of capabilities, helping you to explain, predict and respond across the business ecosystem.


Machine learning

Creating smarter machines for a better future.

Analyzing large volumes of data, better customer understanding, fixing loopholes, boosting revenues- all of it leverages the power of machine learning. Engineers at Kalpita technologies are industry experts for frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark; and cloud-based machine learning services such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS, Mobile Programming. The broad spectrum of expertise enables customers to leverage a plethora of customised solutions helping industries from all domains experience real-time insights, know outcomes, frauds and accelerate business processes.

Machine learning- a revolution to the digital marketplace. Machine learning has a tremendous ability to reproduce human cognitive functions and analyze large chunks of data. This feature finds applications in various sectors across industries.

Our machines are equipped with algorithms that evolve, and leverage machine learning to accomplish tasks such as building self-driving cars, enhancing online shopping experience, making web search more effective, providing intuitive healthcare, improving security and risk mitigation using predictive analysis.

Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Larger data demands meaningful insights for better decision making. Leverage our big data and predictive analytics for faster business decisions; gain a competitive edge. With our Big Data & Predictive Analytics, you can process and analyze large amounts of discrete data, gain productive insights, predict insecurities,analyse customers’ behavior, detect anomalies, mitigate business risks, and achieve optimum productivity.

Big data solutions experts at Kalpita are focused at organizing complex data sets into informative dashboards, making result-oriented visualizations, data mining, and data modeling. This allows you to predict future outcomes, identifying loopholes, and helping you target the market for future marketing campaigns.

Our partners use the big data and predictive analytics services to:

  • Acquire Grow and Retain Customers
  • Optimize Operations and Reduce Fraud
  • Transform Business Performance
  • Create New Business Models

Internet of things

IoT-enabled products are the future of our lives. For industries from every walk of life, customers of all kinds that you serve; IoT is the key to success in the digital world. Kalpita Technologies has already captured the market to deliver value, pick the right resources in the banking and insurance sector. Our experts can help you identify and realize opportunities along the path, from idea to market—while navigating the complexities of today’s rapidly evolving technologies.

We are extensively trained in developing, and implementing solutions based on the Internet of Things. These skills allow our clients to integrate IoT into their business operations. As technology evolves rapidly, so is IoT, and we are keeping up the pace to ensure optimum productivity in terms of business goals for clients.

Kalpita Technologies is a preferred IoT solutions partner to some of the biggest brands across industries. We cater to valuable experiences, optimize performance and unleash possibilities by engineering awareness into smart vehicles, smart banking and the insurance sector.

Your insurance partners at Kalpita Technologies can be your risk management companions. We have a dedicated team to get personalized risk management, property coverage, corporate benefits, retirement, and individual solutions with experience specifically suited to your industry. We have worked in the Hotel Management sector for the ramifications of repurposing a facility in response to COVID-19 on insurance policies; have prepared houses for extreme weather, worked on the wildfire insurance cases and a lot more in the past few years.

We can also help you develop benefits like ancillary plans and long-term care insurance that go above and beyond. Every business looks for a way to differentiate and shine. Strong health offerings and useful voluntary benefits are part of that.

Embedded systems

Kalpita Technologies is offering the perfect remote monitoring solutions. Our Embedded lab in Bangalore provides some tried and true solutions; trusted by over 1,900 government utilities and municipal organizations across the U.S.(data from omnisite)

We have a cellular telemetry system powered remote monitoring devices that provides data logging and real-time monitoring in a single easy-to-use package.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch reliability and service, in an economic manner; saving your time and money. We are up for the perfect remote monitoring solutions with embedded alarm notifications, data logging and real time monitoring as an easy to package. Kalpita’s experts have helped installation, data access and security for industries with a lot of cost saving. Our contribution to the landfill, waste water and water management system has been applauded across industries.


Mobile Applications

At Kalpita, we are dedicated to make our client’s life easy. Our experts automate business processes, organize large data sets, and increase organizational productivity. Our custom built mobile applications help organizations set up processes specific to their business. We create custom mobile applications that innovate and solve industry specific problems. Our mobile applications can:

  • Meet industry specific needs
  • Enhance business operations
  • Help launch new services
  • Integrate with third party websites

Our experts are trained to follow industry’s best practices and deliver solutions that are successful and specific to your organization.

SAP Implementation

Our consultants have worked in Companies Projects like SAP America Washington DC -for State Govt. of Florida, Tallahassee; University of Mississippi, Oxford, USA; University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA; TIC , Steamboat Springs, CO, USA; Nielsen USA (Asia Pacific region, for 9 countries); Marathon Oil Company, Houston, USA; Pinnacle Talents Inc, Chicago, USA;

CISCO (Singapore); National Panasonic, Singapore; KJO, Al-Khafji, KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia); Bahrain Steel, Bahrain; RasGas, Qatar; DUSUP, Dubai; DRC, Dubai; ARC, Ras-AL-Khaimah; Emirates Steel, Abu Dhabi; KOEING Solutions, DUBAI, UAE Reliance India; Siemens India, BSNL, Ahmadabad, India; ABB India (South Asian region, for 12 countries); GMR India; TRF India; Ashok Leyland India; RAIN Commodities Ltd, India; United India Insurance Company Ltd (UIIC), India; Wipro Ltd, Bangalore, India; Karle Group, Bangalore, India; Airtel Delhi & Airtel Africa, India; Neyveli Lignite Corporation, Neyveli, India; Indian Tobacco Company (ITC), Guntur, India; Indian Defense – Army, Delhi, India; IISc, Bangalore, India; NADEC project, in EC payroll (ECP) for KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Sudan.

Core Competence in SAP HCM module includes Organizational Management, Personnel Administration, Personnel Development (Career & Succession Planning, Development Plans) and Appraisals (Objective Settings & Appraisals in Ehp4)), Trg. and Event Mgmt., Time Management, Payroll, ESS and MSS modules.

Experience in all phases of the SAP implementation cycle including Customer interface, Requirement study, Solution design, Project Planning, Blueprint Phase, Base Line Configuration, Analysis, Realization, Unit Testing, Training, User Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, cut-over, go-live, roll out and Support, a key enabler for the engagement & success of a project.


Staff Augmentation

Clients trust Kalpita Technologies for our expertise to augment their onsite tech resource requirements. Under the staff augmentation vertical, we offer contract staffing . We have solutions that are tailored specifically to make sure that you get to hire and retain employees for the most relevant timeframes. We also offer high-calibre specialists coming from conventional as well as emerging technologies backgrounds.. Our feature, bulk resourcing is demanded by many organizations as it creates and maintains a backend resource pool. A few other features:

  • Managing seasonal flexi workforce
  • Enabling hassle free conversion from temp to permanent
  • Integration of emerging technologies and trained resources in the same.

Partnerships & Affiliation